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While returning from my son’s baseball tournament in Cooperstown, NY, we stopped in Pittsburgh to catch a Pirates game. I’ve heard nothing but great things about PNC Park. And it’s all true! What a great stadium. And the view of downtown Pittsburgh beyond the outfield is amazing.

But I was completely surprised at how beautiful downtown Pittsburgh is. The old buildings mixed in with all the new skyscrapers makes for a wonderful downtown skyline.

I will definitely come back to Pittsburgh in the future and tour the city more.

Looking at downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park

PNC Park

Evening at PNC Park

Las Vegas

I’ve been to Las Vegas, Nevada one time. I’m not a gambler, or I should say, I’m too stingy to give away my money. But there’s a lot of stuff to do outside the casinos in Las Vegas. Like make photographs!

I spent a long weekend there in February, 2014. One of those days was spent visiting Bryce Canyon. I’ll be sure to post some photographs from that visit in the future.

Here’s a photograph of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

I really preferred visiting Old Las Vegas, otherwise known as the Fremont Street Experience or Downtown Las Vegas. This is the Vegas I remember seeing on television as a kid.

Here’s the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. Who doesn’t remember seeing this on television whenever there was a show set in Las Vegas?
Golden Nugget

The Fremont Street Experience is definitely an experience. Lots of people dressed in costume ready to have their photograph taken, for a tip.

And the signs. Lots of neon signs. I love this place! Who doesn’t love a neon cowboy riding a horse?
Fremont Street Experience

I thought about eating at the Heart Attack Grill. Maybe next time!
Fremont Street Experience

I ran into this charming little newsstand on the way back to the car. Good idea to offer liquor. Helps when reading the news today.

The new New York

This is not your granddad’s New York. New York City is changing. The skyline looks very different today than it did 50 years ago. It’s becoming shinier, for lack of a better word. Modern looking skyscrapers are dwarfing the old buildings of New York City. The city never sleeps.

Here’s what the New York City skyline looked like in 1966:

1960s Photo NYC Skyline 1966 New York State Vacationlands Brochure Vintage E

Contrast that to what the skyline looked like in this photograph I made in 2014:

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Captiva Island, FL

This post is a little late. I was in Captiva, FL back in December but since I’m trying to get back into blogging, I thought I’d add some photographs from the trip. Captiva Island is a beautiful place on the west coast of Florida. Its an island just west of Fort Myers just above Sanibel Island. Captiva Island is known for its beautiful beaches and terrific sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. It’s home to some great wildlife as well. While vacationing at South Seas Resort, I made sure I took plenty of photographs. You can find my complete set on my Flickr site. Here are some of my favorites:




Sunrise over Pine Island Sound

Aerial battle