Month: May 2011

Software for my iMac

With the new iMac 6 weeks from being delivered, I’m thinking about the software I’ll install.  So here goes:

Hoping that OS X 10.7 will be shipping by then.  I will still install from scratch however. I think since I’ll have two drives, I will have to partition the 2TB drive to hold the /Users directory.


New iMac on the way! Eventually.

Just ordered my new iMac this past weekend.  Upromise was having a 10% sale for Apple so my wife gave me the green light.  Here’s what I ordered:

  • 3.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 27″
  • 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x2GB
  • 2TB Serial ATA Drive + 256GB Solid State Drive
  • AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5
  • Magic Trackpad
  • AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac

I’m going to fill up the memory to its maximum 16GB, but I’ll order the memory from Other World Computing to save a few hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, because I ordered it with the SSD, it won’t ship until July 6th and I won’t receive it until around July 13th. No biggie. Have plenty to do until then. Have a house I need to sell.