No, I'm not switching to Windows

This is a followup to my previous post, Is it time to switch to Windows?

I’ve decided to go with the 4-core Mac Pro.  I still don’t know why Apple gives it only four memory slots when the DDR3 memory is triple channel.  Would it have been too much for Apple to give it six slots?  Anyway, I have found out that the 4-core Mac Pro can support 4GB modules according to this article on Bare Feats.  So theoretically, this Mac Pro can have up to 16GB of memory.  So I’m going to order a 4-core Mac Pro with only one upgrade.  I’m bumping my graphics card to the ATI Radeon HD 4870.

So I’ll order the Mac Pro with the ATI graphics card, order the 12GB memory kit from OWC and order a second hard drive from NewEgg.  The cost will still come in a little higher than I want to pay, but I’ll have something much better than the iMac and won’t have to deal with changing software to work on Windows.  I’ll still have to build a PC running Ubuntu Linux to use for my telecine machine, but now I can build something really cheap or even pick up a used PC for next to nothing.