Diamond Mind Baseball on Mac OS X

For those of you who don’t know, Diamond Mind Baseball is the most statistically accurate computer baseball simulation/replay game on the market. I’ve been a user of the game since it was under the name Pursue the Pennant way back in 1992. I moved away from the Windows platform back in 1994 and switched to OS/2 but I was still able to play the game under OS/2 since it was DOS-based back then.

After I gave up on OS/2, I played Diamond Mind Baseball, which by Version 8, was Windows-based, on Windows 95 for a little while until I couldn’t stand using Windows anymore. I switched to Linux and had to put Diamond Mind away for a while. Eventually, I got Diamond Mind Version 8 to run on Linux using Wine. But Version 9 never worked right under Wine, so once again I put it away.

When Apple made the switch to Intel, there was hope again. And Parallels has brought joy to Mudville. I can finally run Diamond Mind on Intel-based Macs. And how does it look in coherence mode? Just look at this screenshot.

And here is a video of it in action.