Month: January 2007

Apple's marketshare looks like its about to explode

The University of Virginia has been conducting a survey of incoming freshmen since 1997 regarding their use of computers. In 1997, 2437 students were surveyed and 1803 of them owned their own computers. In 2006, 3092 students were surveyed and all but 4 owned their own computers. Also, in 2006 laptops ruled. Out of 3088 computers, 2993 were laptops. And for the big trend:

The growth of Apple computers has gone through the roof. Here’s the breakdown in percentage since 2000:

  • 2000 -> 2.8%
  • 2001 -> 2.8%
  • 2002 -> 3.5%
  • 2003 -> 4.0%
  • 2004 -> 8.3%
  • 2005 -> 13.0%
  • 2006 -> 19.6%

This is staggering to me. I had no idea Apple was growing this fast. Maybe this is the exception, but I don’t think so. Princeton’s newspaper reported that 45% of the students were buying Macs this year.

And Apple themselves have said that 50% of all purchases in their stores are first time buyers.

So maybe Apple’s stock price isn’t overvalued. Maybe its just expecting big returns in the next 5 years.

Is it time to cancel my cable television?

Why do I need cable tv anymore? Almost all my favorite shows are available from the networks over the internet. I can watch 24 in HD over the internet from Fox. USA Network makes Monk and Psych available. I’ve already watched Friday Night Lights from my browser. I don’t subscribe to HBO anymore so I don’t even know what new shows are coming there. Seriously, why should I pay $50 a month for stuff I can view for free.
The only gotcha for me would be Virginia Tech football games. Without cable tv, I could still watch the games in a bar or something, but I’d be unable to record them anymore.

itunes playlist tip for adding songs to 1960's, 1970's, etc.

Over the holidays, I decided to create playlists in itunes for my favorites for the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s. I had moved several hundred songs into these playlists but I kept encountering the problem of duplicate songs in a list. I wish Apple would remove the ability to do that, but thats for another story. Anyway, I needed a way to choose songs that were not already in playlists for those decades.


I created a playlist for all songs with a rating greater than 1 star and playlist not in 1960’s and playlist not in 1970’s and playlist not in 1980’s and playlist not in 1990’s and playlist not in 2000’s. Call this list no decades playlist.

Here’s a screenshot of the playlist:

No Decades Playlist

Now I have a playlist that I can work with. I can now drag songs from this playlist into my 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s playlists. When I drag the song to the other playlist, it gets removed from this playlist. Eventually, this playlist will be empty if I get all my favorites into the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s playlists.