Month: November 2006

Don't blame the computers for putting Rutgers #2

The new BCS rankings are out and all the sports writers are complaining that Rutgers is #2 in the computer rankings. Well, its what you asked for. You took out the margin of victory. This is what is left. All you have to do is look at Jeff Sagarin’s rankings and Kenneth Massey’s rankings. Compare their BCS rankings with their unmodified rankings which DO take into account the margin of victory. Rutgers is #2 in both Massey’s and Sagarin’s BCS rankings. Ohio State is #6 in Massey’s BCS rankings and #3 in Sagarin’s BCS rankings. But with margin of victory factored in, Rutgers falls to #6 in Massey’s rankings and #8 in Sagarin’s rankings. Ohio State moves to #1 in both.

You can view all the computer rankings on Kenneth Massey’s College Football Ranking Comparison.

The fact is, writers don’t want facts to get in the way of their opinions. And they think they can more accurately rank schools than the computers can.

Do my rankings suck? Or did Chicago not show up yesterday?

I’ve been doing computer rankings for football and basketball for almost 10 years. I’m not sure, but yesterday may have been the first time ever the lowest ranked team beat the highest ranked team. The Miami Dolphins were ranked #32 out of 32 teams and the Chicago Bears were ranked #1 out of 32, yet Miami, somehow went into Chicago and won convincingly. What the hell is going on? Its games like these that play havoc on computer rankings. I’ll be interested to see what this does to my rankings when I release them tomorrow.

Web Framework Comparison

I’ve been keeping track of high school football scores in Virginia for quite a while. And I’ve been meaning to create a site to that will provide information on schools, seasons, etc. I also plan to add video highlights as well. Since I haven’t yet settled on a framework, I’ve decided that I will detail the creation of my site in my blog as well as provide video of the design of the site using the three frameworks I’m looking at:

Of course, I’ll be creating all this on my MacBook Pro using TextMate and maybe Eclipse with CFEclipse. And the database will be PostgreSQL because well is there anything better?

So, the stage has been set. I’m still trying to decide which I like better, Django or RoR. There are some things in each that I’m really impressed with. And what about CF with M-G:U? Its the definite underdog. But I write in ColdFusion at work and I’ve been looking for a project to use M-G:U. It could surprise me.

I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I’m thinking that I’ll do one particular piece at a time and do it under each framework for comparison’s sake. And of course, I’m planning to make a screencast showing how each framework handles the particular task.

Now if only I can convince my work to let me have the time off to work on this, while still paying me, then we can make some progress. Otherwise, this will take a while.