College Football Rankings

It’s that time of year again. College football. Greatest sport there is! And my rankings are out. What the heck are they eating in Mississippi this year? My top two teams this week are Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Defending national champions Florida State remain undefeated, but come in at #9 this week. This could change next week as they take on #12 Notre Dame.

How about my local FBS schools? I’m excited about East Carolina’s season this year, but they come in at #41 this week. Their best win is over #42 Virginia Tech. And the other Virginia school, UVA is #43 this week. Old Dominion falls to #109 this week after suffering their third straight defeat. Welcome to FBS!

My complete rankings of all 759 schools are here.

My top 10:

  1. Ole Miss
  2. Mississippi State
  3. Baylor
  4. Auburn
  5. TCU
  6. Alabama
  7. Texas A&M
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Florida State
  10. LSU

College Football Division Rankings:

  1. NCAA FBS (69.65)
  2. NCAA FCS (55.46)
  3. NCAA D2 (46.99)
  4. NCAA D3 (41.79)
  5. NAIA (40.11)
  6. USCAA (36.65)

FBS Conference Rankings:

  1. SEC (78.08)
  2. Big 12 (75.48)
  3. Pac-12 (73.19)
  4. ACC (71.91)
  5. Big 10 (71.74)
  6. Mountain West (69.41)
  7. Conference USA (66.69)
  8. All American Conference (65.28)
  9. Mid-America Conference (63.11)
  10. Sun Belt (62.18)

My NFL power rankings are out

Finally. The wait is over! My first power rankings of the 2012 season are out. Here’s my top 5:

1. Houston (5-0)
2. Chicago(4-1)
3. San Francisco(4-1)
4. Minnesota(4-1)
5. Atlanta(5-0)

And here’s my bottom 5:

28. Tampa Bay(1-3)
29. Kansas City(1-4)
30. Carolina(1-4)
31. New Orleans(1-4)
32. Cleveland(0-5)

For the complete rankings, go here.

NCAA Final Four predictions

So we’re down to the Final Four. It’s been one of the most exciting basketball tournaments ever.  Poor Butler.  Last year’s Cinderella team. No Cinderella this year. Oh, they’re back in the Final Four again. But this time, they’re being overshadowed by VCU.  Butler and VCU will face-off in the first semi-final game next Saturday.  Should be a defensive struggle.  And in the other bracket will be a couple of well-known powers, Kentucky and UConn.

Based on my latest rankings, we have two very exciting basketball games in store.  UConn is ranked #6 and Kentucky is ranked #8. Butler is ranked #34 and VCU is ranked #41.  But ignore the rankings.  On March 7th, my rankings had UConn at #13, Kentucky at #29, Butler at #57, and VCU was ranked #76.  Here are the current power ratings for each school:

  1. UConn 61.935
  2. Kentucky 61.761
  3. Butler 59.898
  4. VCU 59.543

Based on these ratings, here are the chances of each team advancing to the championship game:

  1. Butler 52.04%
  2. UConn 51.00%
  3. Kentucky 49.00%
  4. VCU 47.96%

Nobody is a clear favorite in either game.  These should be tremendous games.  So who’s the favorite to win it all?  Well, based on my ratings, here is the breakdown:

  1. UConn 31.86%
  2. Kentucky 30.15%
  3. Butler 20.27%
  4. VCU 17.76%

So it seems that the winner of the UConn/Kentucky matchup has the best chance to win the national championship.  But I wouldn’t put money on it.  Butler and VCU have proven that they not only can play with anyone, they can beat anyone.  It should be a fun ride!

My College Football Rankings are out!

Its the first weekend of October and I’ve published my first rankings of the year in college football.  Thanks to Virginia Tech’s loss to James Madision this year, Delaware and James Madison are currently ranked in the Top 25.  This should change as the year goes by.  The biggest surprise is that Alabama is not my number 1 team yet.  That goes to Arizona for now.  Alabama comes in at number 2 and Iowa comes in at number 3 with their only loss coming at Arizona.  Rounding out my top 5 are Oregon at number 4 and TCU at number 5.  The rest of my top 10 are Boise State, Ohio State, Missouri, Stanford and Kansas State.

The rankings are pretty volatile and will change quite a bit throughout October.

My rankings

See how I compare against other rankings on Kenneth Massey’s College Football Ranking Comparison.

As always, I want to thank Peter Wolfe for providing the scores that allow me to do my rankings!